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VERTICS has discovered and intensively tested forearm muscle compression in sports.

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VERTICS.Sleeves forearm muscle compression

for sports

climbing and bouldering
sup – standup paddling
kayak – canoe – paddle
mountainbike and downhill
slackline and many more…

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VERTICS.Sleeves now in SUP sports

VERTICS.Sleeves now in SUP sports Originally, VERTICS.Sleeves were developed for climbing sports and are finding an ever-increasing number of users there. But obviously many sportsmen and sportswomen from various other …

VERTICS.Sleeves and occupational therapy

VERTICS.Sleeves and occupational therapy Christian Rupp The main thing of the therapy is the patient’s ability to act According to Christian Rupp, occupational therapist in Potbauer-Heng near Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz, …

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Thought up by climbers – brought up for climbers. As passionated runners and climbers, we had the idea to transfer the principle of operation of running compression socks to the climbing sport. Thought – done. In teamwork with an experienced partner for orthopedic-technical knitted products, we developed a forearm cuff, whose compression effect is exactly balanced to the muscular pressure while climbing: VERTICS.Sleeves – a high-tech sport product, developed and produced in Germany. And not only for climbing sports, also in many other sports VERTICS.Sleeves find more and more followers !


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Steffen Hummel is working as a freelance IT consultant for many years. In his spare time he is active really often in many sports. As a passionated runner and climber, the founder of VERTICS had the idea to transfer the principle of muscle compression stockings for runners to the climbing sports. In countless hours of development work and test climbing sessions, VERTICS.Sleeves originated.





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