After preliminary analysis of our survey on the effectiveness of VERTICS.Sleeves we see already as confirmed that VERTICS.Sleeves can reduce the forearm-pump or arm pump effect. More than 70% of respondents answered the question of reduced arm pump when using our compression sleeves with “Yes”.


There are many causes for the pump, but essentially the congestion in the forearm muscles is probably responsible. With an increasing and constant stress of the forearm by complex hand movements the blood flow into the muscle is also increased so that it swells. The muscle now presses on the muscle fascia. The fascias are made of a cartilaginous tissue, firmly but poorly stretchable. Therefore, the muscle can´t continue to expand and presses even on the blood vessels. The result is a reduced or completely stopped bloodstream, acidification and cramping of forearms to numbness of the hands or individual fingers. If the backflow of blood is inhibited, the waste products that are produced during muscle work, such as Lactate, are insufficient pumped out. The result is an over-acidification of the muscle, the pH decreases and inhibits muscle contraction. So it come together many factors that increase the pump in the forearms. Unclear so far why this effect in some people is less common, or even particularly strong or even stronger. This certainly depends with the current metabolism and the Elektrolyth balance of the body at the moment of impact.

What can be done to prevent the forearm pump? MotoX rider and motorcycle racer go so far as the fascia carve surgically or remove so the muscle has more space to expand. The success of this method is controversial because it often leads to additional surgical interventions.

Regular exercise is of course always good, but be careful! Toning exercises are counterproductive in this case. Campusboard and Shimmy are short interval excercises with maximum load and are rather counterproductive in this case.

Better is a regular, short training with isometric exercises, thus holding exercises.

forearm compression sleeve

Are VERTICS.Sleeves compression cuffs worn from the beginning of the training, already for warming up, they can contribute to an accelerated repatriation of venous blood, so that the pump is delayed and reduced. Should the arms still running in pump at some point, VERTICS.Sleeves can help in faster recovery and relaxation of forearm muscles.