At the last year’s Marmot Kletterfestival in the Frankenjura I met the physiotherapist Matthias Stöcker. We have been talking about the way in which VERTICS.Sleeves worke and how to use them, and decided that he would receive a set of VERTICS.Sleeves for his physiotherapy studio for climbers in Scheßlitz-Windischletten in all sizes for hire to his patients.


blockquoteI got some VERTICS.Sleeves test cuffs in my physio studio and have given them several climbers to try out and to test them directly at the rock. Me included there were approx. 8 climbers so far. The feedback was different. While some of them were able to cope with the gauntlets, the others felt the sleeves rather than disturbing. The feeling of compression on the lower arm, which is perceived to be a distracting sensation, however, usually lasts after a brief adaptation phase. I was particularly impressed by the strong compression. This is really excellent, also in the sense of the regeneration after the training. I will continue to offer VERTICS.Sleeves to my patients and climbing friends.


[/one_third] [one_third] Matthias Stöcker looks after the majority of Franconian climbers at all levels and supported the physiotherapeutic care of the German and Austrian national Team climbers. He has been teaching at physiotherapeutics schools and in the field of manual herapy for many years. In addition, he is, of course, also a super strong climber and did many first ascents in the Frankenjura. If you want to, you can contact him via email.