VERTICS.Sleeves can help on Tennis elbow, Compartment Syndrome, Tendonitis and & Co.

In our diverse test and promotion campaigns, we have met a lot of climbers with epicondylitis and problems in the forearm, elbow and wrist area. In particular, the tennis elbow or epicondylitis makes many athletes or people with heavily burdened elbow joint create.

All of them trying to help with kinesiotape, elbow orthotics or clips and other, partly self-designed aids. Inflammations are caused by the permanent strain on the elbow joint, or more precisely the tendon joints on the bone. With stretching exercises, cooling and anti-inflammatory ointments, the tennis elbow can be treated well.

Due to the very numerous feedback from climbers, we can say that VERTICS.Sleeves are very suitable for alleviating discomfort with epicondylitis, as well as with golfer bow, compartment syndrome and tendon disc ignition in the forearm.

Of course, this also applies to tennis players, golfers, mountain bikers and motocrossers with elbow and forearm problems. By wearing the compression sleeves VERTICS.Sleeves not only the forearm, but the entire elbow joint is better circulated and this leads to a faster healing and serves the prevention of inflammation and cramping.

So, VERTICS.Sleeves not only help with armpump but also with many other complaints in the forearm and elbow area. For more endurance in sports and for a faster regeneration after the sport they are anyway best suited.