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VERTICS.Sleeves and occupational therapy

VERTICS.Sleeves and occupational therapy Christian Rupp

blockquoteThe main thing of the therapy is the patient’s ability to act

According to Christian Rupp, occupational therapist in Potbauer-Heng near Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz, Frankenjura, Germany.

The team around Christian Rupp supports children and adults in coping better with their everyday needs.

At the Marmot Frankenjura Kletterfestival 2017 an employee of the occupational therapist Rupp Team and the VERTICS team met each other at the VERTICS.Sleeves Booth.VERTICS Booth at 3. Marmot Frankenjura Festival

Immediately became clear, VERTICS.Sleeves forearm muscle compression cuffs must be tested in occupational therapy. In addition to the purely sporting effects, such as increased endurance in the forearms, less armpump and faster regeneration, the sleeves may also lead to the faster healing process of diseases on occupational therapy patients.

The exchange of ideas quickly became an intensive cooperation. In the field of occupational therapy, VERTICS.Sleeves were given to patients with a wide variety of diseases of the forearm, hand and elbow areas. With an amazing success. Here is some Feedback of patients:

A patient after tendon tearing and surgery always has tendon tendinitis infections of the extensors. The patient is wearing VERTICS.Sleeves mainly at work or during exercise. The compression is very well, he also says that the sleeves can be worn super and it does not perspire.

Another patient after a thumbar joint arthritis OP. This patient has significant pain reduction as well as a longer stress span when wearing VERTICS.Sleeves.

A female patient with MS Multiple Sclerosis is a frequent cause of malfunctions as well as tendonitis, she is wearing VERTICS.Sleeves for the housework and during exercise as well as at work. She also confirms a pain reduction as well as an improved endurance and stress span.

In the practice rooms there is also a 5.5m high climbing wall for therapeutic climbing for a better body perception, movement and concentration promotion.

Therapeutisches Klettern VERTICS Sleeves

So if you have the same medical problems with your forearms, wherever you are, try VERTICS.Sleeves or ask your doctor or physiotherapist.
To get in touch with the Ergotherapist Christian Rupp Team please click here.

For physiotherapeutic and occupational therapies, we have prepared special test Equipment to give VERTICS.Sleeves to patients for testing. The package includes VERTICS.Sleeves in the special test design in various sizes, measurement tapes for size determination and information brochures. If you are interested, please send an email to VERTICS, Steffen Hummel.


The VERTICS.Shirt in baseball look is based on the contrast in black and white. This makes it a real eye catcher. As the basis for our VERTICS.Shirt, we have chosen the classic TB639 from URBAN CLASSICS. The quality of URBAN CLASSICS stands for long durability and no warping after washing. 90% cotton 10% viscose

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Attention to cleaning instructions:
Please wash your VERTICS.Shirt before first usage inside out with machine wash at max. 40 degrees centigrade. After washing pull in shape. Don´t dry in a laundry dryer. So you keep the VERTICS.Shirt longer and the contrast stays bright.

Kletterretter and VERTICS Sleeves

a strong team together

A strong team! From now on you will find a flyer and a small sample of KletterRetter Handcreme in each package. More endurance when climbing with VERTICS.Sleeves also means more skin abrasion on the hands and fingers. Kletterretter Climbing Hand Cream helps the skin to recover faster … and for the forearms you have VERTICS.Sleeves

Matthias Stöcker über VERTICS.Sleeves

What do physiotherapists, trainers and medical doctors say?

At the last year’s Marmot Kletterfestival in the Frankenjura I met the physiotherapist Matthias Stöcker. We have been talking about the way in which VERTICS.Sleeves worke and how to use them, and decided that he would receive a set of VERTICS.Sleeves for his physiotherapy studio for climbers in Scheßlitz-Windischletten in all sizes for hire to his patients.


blockquoteI got some VERTICS.Sleeves test cuffs in my physio studio and have given them several climbers to try out and to test them directly at the rock. Me included there were approx. 8 climbers so far. The feedback was different. While some of them were able to cope with the gauntlets, the others felt the sleeves rather than disturbing. The feeling of compression on the lower arm, which is perceived to be a distracting sensation, however, usually lasts after a brief adaptation phase. I was particularly impressed by the strong compression. This is really excellent, also in the sense of the regeneration after the training. I will continue to offer VERTICS.Sleeves to my patients and climbing friends.


Matthias Stöcker looks after the majority of Franconian climbers at all levels and supported the physiotherapeutic care of the German and Austrian national Team climbers. He has been teaching at physiotherapeutics schools and in the field of manual herapy for many years. In addition, he is, of course, also a super strong climber and did many first ascents in the Frankenjura. If you want to, you can contact him via email.


VERTICS at Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2016

VERTICS DWS Premiere at Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2016

I would start by saying VERTICS.Sleeves are more than suitable for DWS, the deep water soloing!

What do you do at DWS without chalk in the overhanging crack? You could try to powder your lower arms with enough chalk to be able to re-chalk your Hands when you are climbing. But, only little chalk adheres, except if your a yeti and have the possibility of rubbing tons of chalk into your fur! So we prepared VERTICS.Sleeves with enough chalk, and that was the solution! Re-chalking was not a problem anymore. You can of course use this method also for your hard project without having to grab behind yourself and searching for the chalkbag.


The material which VERTICS.Sleeves are made of dries so quickly, you can just pat in new chalk before climbing the again.


Whoever needed refreshment jumped from the rock into the ocean.


On the boats everyone was busy taking pictures or videos and cheering the participants. We were joined by Ralph Stoehr of “klettern” Magazin and Jens Larssen of


The atmosphere is amazing among the crowd especially when the climber is on the rock and all are shouting, encouraging and clapping their Hands.

To get back in the boat is more or less easy climbing, but you have to take care not to graze your skin on the part where the mussels leave a sharp-edged line at the boats hull.cimg8470

It takes only a few minutes by boat from the harbour Vathy to the DWS spot.

…and the trip back to Masouri by scooter is a real treat with astonishing oceanviews behind every curve!


In Masouri i was able to start a test campaign in cooperation with Candysports. The climbers came to the shop and barrowed a pair of sleeves for the costomary 10 Euro deposit and tried them out thoroughly at the crags.


Of course i was able to climb myself together with friends from Mainz. The Middle Wall in Arginonta is a shaddy place and sheltered from the ocean winds.


In the evening there was a big party as always. The Vertical-Life Team carried out their Zlagboard-Contest again. And i was able to hand over a pair of sleeves to Roger Schaeli, who had just returned to Kalymnos from his venture of “Odyssee” at the Eiger Northface.cimg8394

I felt bad having to leave so early and would have loved to stay longer  for climbing. But, my return flight passed through Athens which gave me a quick impression of this fascinating metropole. Athens is definatly worth its own trip!


On our VERTICS Facebooksite you can soon enjoy more pictures and a DWS video with a 20 meter jump.

See you soon with a new entry after the Alpinfair in Innsbruck!


VERTICS on tour with digital hand Dynamometer

VERTICS on tour with digital hand Dynamometer!

Immediately we have something special in our luggage for you.

VERTICS Handkraftmessung


With our handheld digital force gauge you can measure your hand strength at VERTICS events, sponsorship appearances and VERTICS.Roadshow. The scale is 0 – 135 kg! How strong is your handshake? Maximum, average of some tries and counting. Test your hand strength with and without VERTICS.Sleeves.

VERTICS.Sleeves vs. forearm-pump

After preliminary analysis of our survey on the effectiveness of VERTICS.Sleeves we see already as confirmed that VERTICS.Sleeves can reduce the forearm-pump effect. More than 70% of respondents answered the question of reduced arm pump when using our compression sleeves with “Yes”.

anatomy forearm muscels pump

There are many causes for the pump, but essentially the congestion in the forearm muscles is probably responsible. With an increasing and constant stress of the forearm by complex hand movements the blood flow into the muscle is also increased so that it swells. The muscle now presses on the muscle fascia. The fascias are made of a cartilaginous tissue, firmly but poorly stretchable. Therefore, the muscle can´t continue to expand and presses even on the blood vessels. The result is a reduced or completely stopped bloodstream, acidification and cramping of forearms to numbness of the hands or individual fingers. If the backflow of blood is inhibited, the waste products that are produced during muscle work, such as Lactate, are insufficient pumped out. The result is an over-acidification of the muscle, the pH decreases and inhibits muscle contraction. So it come together many factors that increase the pump in the forearms. Unclear so far why this effect in some people is less common, or even particularly strong or even stronger. This certainly depends with the current metabolism and the Elektrolyth balance of the body at the moment of impact.

What can be done to prevent the forearm pump? MotoX rider and motorcycle racer go so far as the fascia carve surgically or remove so the muscle has more space to expand. The success of this method is controversial because it often leads to additional surgical interventions.

Regular exercise is of course always good, but be careful! Toning exercises are counterproductive in this case. Campusboard and Shimmy are short interval excercises with maximum load and are rather counterproductive in this case.

Better is a regular, short training with isometric exercises, thus holding exercises.

forearm compression sleeve

Are VERTICS.Sleeves compression cuffs worn from the beginning of the training, already for warming up, they can contribute to an accelerated repatriation of venous blood, so that the pump is delayed and reduced. Should the arms still running in pump at some point, VERTICS.Sleeves can help in faster recovery and relaxation of forearm muscles.