has discovered and intensively tested the positive effect of forearm muscle compression for climbing sports. Our compression forearm sleeves VERTICS.Sleeves lead to better blood flow to the forearm muscles and thus more stamina, less arm pump and faster regeneration. Since 2014 the arm sleeves are used by many climbers worldwide, but also athletes from other sports appreciate the effectiveness of


In climbing sports for climbing, bouldering, ice climbing or drytooling, in watersports for wind- and kite surfing or wakeboarding, in rowing and paddeling, in racquet sports with tennis racket, squash or golf club or baseball bat, in motorsports at MotoX, kart or motorcycle racing, mountain- or downhill biking, in all sports that are particularly burdensome for the forearms. If you are beginner or professional, VERTICS.Sleeves help you to hold tight longer and hang on longer. In addition, our compression forearm sleeves can relieve and prevent symptoms in epicondylitis or tennis elbow , golf elbow and mouse arm and also they can be used to treat edema and hernia at the forearm.