VERTICS.Sleeves and occupational therapy Christian Rupp

blockquoteThe main thing of the therapy is the patient’s ability to act

According to Christian Rupp, occupational therapist in Potbauer-Heng near Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz, Frankenjura, Germany.

The team around Christian Rupp supports children and adults in coping better with their everyday needs.

At the Marmot Frankenjura Kletterfestival 2017 an employee of the occupational therapist Rupp Team and the VERTICS team met each other at the VERTICS.Sleeves Booth.VERTICS Booth at 3. Marmot Frankenjura Festival

Immediately became clear, VERTICS.Sleeves forearm muscle compression cuffs must be tested in occupational therapy. In addition to the purely sporting effects, such as increased endurance in the forearms, less armpump and faster regeneration, the sleeves may also lead to the faster healing process of diseases on occupational therapy patients.

The exchange of ideas quickly became an intensive cooperation. In the field of occupational therapy, VERTICS.Sleeves were given to patients with a wide variety of diseases of the forearm, hand and elbow areas. With an amazing success. Here is some Feedback of patients:

A patient after tendon tearing and surgery always has tendon tendinitis infections of the extensors. The patient is wearing VERTICS.Sleeves mainly at work or during exercise. The compression is very well, he also says that the sleeves can be worn super and it does not perspire.

Another patient after a thumbar joint arthritis OP. This patient has significant pain reduction as well as a longer stress span when wearing VERTICS.Sleeves.

A female patient with MS Multiple Sclerosis is a frequent cause of malfunctions as well as tendonitis, she is wearing VERTICS.Sleeves for the housework and during exercise as well as at work. She also confirms a pain reduction as well as an improved endurance and stress span.

In the practice rooms there is also a 5.5m high climbing wall for therapeutic climbing for a better body perception, movement and concentration promotion.

Therapeutisches Klettern VERTICS Sleeves

So if you have the same medical problems with your forearms, wherever you are, try VERTICS.Sleeves or ask your doctor or physiotherapist.
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For physiotherapeutic and occupational therapies, we have prepared special test Equipment to give VERTICS.Sleeves to patients for testing. The package includes VERTICS.Sleeves in the special test design in various sizes, measurement tapes for size determination and information brochures. If you are interested, please send an email to VERTICS, Steffen Hummel.