VERTICS.Sleeves now in SUP sports

Originally, VERTICS.Sleeves were developed for climbing sports and are finding an ever-increasing number of users there. But obviously many sportsmen and sportswomen from various other sports are also convinced of the effectiveness of VERTICS.Sleeves.

So also in paddle sports and especially in the area SUP – Stand Up Paddling. This trend sport is easy to learn, you can do it any time of the year, it is a full body sport, suitable for all ages, you are out in the nature and everyone can have fun at his personal level.

You stand on a big surfboard with a long paddle in your hands and just paddle. Sure, you need some practice to survive the first standing attempts on the board without falling into the water. But you learn very quickly to keep your balance and to move on the water with calm paddle strokes. Since most SUP board manufacturers now offer “inflatebles”, ie inflatable SUP boards, you can simply transport your board to the next SUP spot and inflate it in a few minutes with a hand pump to 1 bar pressure. Paddle in the hand and off you go.

Even in winter you can dry on the water and with a little practice you will not fall into the water anyway. At many lakes and riverside you can rent SUP boards and get a taste of the sport before you get your own board. With SUP-Trip you can learn more about the basics.

But what do VERTICS.Sleeves have to do with SUP? Well, supers are also involved in longer paddle trips or SUP competitions with hard forearms, ie arm pumping. Likewise, a little more stamina is good for the SUP boarding and in races VERTICS.Sleeves can help keep up the race pace longer. And to regenerate our compression cuffs are well suited anyway. Even with problems with the elbows or wrists VERTICS.Sleeves can contribute to faster healing.

There are already many enthusiastic VERTICS.Sleeves fans among the SUP boarders, e.g. Berlin-born Linda Conrad, who has been living in New Zealand for many years and prefers to fight for trophies with her SUP board off the coasts of New Zealand every time she competes.

Linda Conrad, NZ Instagram linny_171

Here is Lindas Feedback:

My experience wearing Vertics Sleeves has been FANTASTIC. The sleeves provide me with great blood circulation, improves and prolongs my forearm performance and keep me protected from the harsh sun whilst having a nice cooling effect on hot days (simply wet them) or keeping me warm on colder days. The product is inexpensive and comes in various color combination making it fun to match them to any outfit or SUP Board.


The fabrics itself are very comfortable on my skin and I am yet to see any wear and tear after a good 2-month usage. I wear my sleeves to work as pre-race preparation, then during the races or training sessions and I am regularly using them for my recovery. For me the product has made a difference and I will keep wearing them.

Linda auf dem Weg zu einer weiteren Siegestrophäe

By the way after a doctors visit today he agreed it will be beneficial to my arm healing wearing the compression sock. Glad to have them 🙂

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