VERTICS.Sleeves against armpump in motocross

VERTICS.Sleeves against the dreaded arm pump! No more tight arms with forearm compression!

At the Whitsun weekend of 2018, the Motocross Grand Prix Deutschland MX-GP took place at the MSC Teutschenthal. Hundreds of motocross racers from all over the world were in the basin on the route of the MSC on the way. They fought hard fights in the qualification runs and later in the finals of the various classes. Whether in motocross or other motorcycle races such as Moto-GP the riders are fighting against the dreaded arm pump or firm arms, blue forearms, pumped forearms. There are many names for this uncomfortable feeling when the forearm muscles become over acidic and gradually the forearms are getting pumped more and more. Giving the throttle, brakes, clutching is no longer controlled or no longer possible. Then the race went and often has to be stopped for the rider.

VERTICS was a sponsor and presented VERTICS.Sleeves, compression Sleeves for the forearms.

For many years the sleeves for forearms for climbing sports find more and more friends in many other sports. VERTICS.Sleeves unfold their effectiveness not only in climbing sports and SUP, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, paddle sports, but also in motorcycle sports they counteract the arm pump.


Feedback from Motocrossers:


Do the armpump test with VERTICS.Sleeves

The motorsport friends and visitors at VERTICS.Stand were convinced very quickly by the arm pump test with the pump rollers.

After messuring the forearm scope for the right sizing, VERTICS.Sleeves are pulled over only one forearm and then a 5kg weight is rolled over an axis upwards. After a short time, almost all test persons felt the soothing effect of the Sleeves.

Additional Benefits of VERTICS.Sleeves and Conclusion

When riding, our compression gauntlets additionally support the tendons and ligaments of the forearm. Swinging your muscles (oscillating) is significantly reduced by the stabilizing effect of our arm sleeves, and thus contributes to a more relaxed ride.

Of course, VERTICS.Sleeves are not a cure for armpump, but also the technique and psyche as well as nutrition and sodium and electrolyte balance (information from Ambos Miamed) are crucial for the reduction of armpump or too rapid acidification of the muscles. Of course, sitting, posture, trunk muscles, wide jumps etc. also contribute to a reduced arm pump.

But to be honest, a little help in avoiding or reducing pumped forearms is welcome. And that’s exactly where VERTICS.Sleeves comes in the game. In a 2015 study, athletes exercising with VERTICS.Sleeves compression cuffs were shown to have less bloodstream lactate and felt less strained than the control arms without compression of the forearms.


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