8. Oktober 2017 um 11:00 – 13:00 Europe/Berlin Zeitzone
Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2017
Kalimnos 852 00
VERTICS.Sleeves @ Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2017 | Griechenland

VERTICS as a boat sponsor of the DWS event at the Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2017!

VERTICS.Sleeves are excellent for DWS, so for deep water soloing! What do you do at the DWS without chalk in the overhanging wall? So far you have powdered the forearms as good as possible with chalk so that you could get chalk from the forearm on the way. The disadvantage: there is only little chalk sticking on the skin, unless you are hairy like a Yeti and can rub 1 kg chalk into the “fur”. So we prepared VERTICS.Sleeves properly with Chalk and so rechalking was no longer a problem. By the way, you can use this Chalk method of course also in the hard projects without you to the rear direction Chalkbag grasp and long ponder until you find the bag at the back. The functional material VERTICS.Sleeves are made of is dry after a short time so that you can simply put fresh chalk on the sleeves before you get back into the wall. Click here for the VERTICS.Blog entry of DWS 2016

By the way: at Candy Sports in Masouri and at the new Candy Sports Shop at Hotel Elena, you can again rent for free VERTICS.Sleeves for testing and after testing you can buy them in Candy Sport Shop.