VERTICS.Sleeves and SUP – a statement

Bjoern Twittmann SUP VERTICS

VERTICS.Sleeves and SUP – a statement Author: Bjoern Twittmann Why are there no clear and unambiguous studies on the subject of compression clothing ??? In the following I try to briefly explain this – here is my (completely subjective) test report on the VERTICS.Sleeves and VERTICS.Calfs: Since I have already participated in various studies on […]

VERTICS.Sleeves against armpump in motocross

VERTICS.Sleeves against armpump in motocross VERTICS.Sleeves against the dreaded arm pump! No more tight arms with forearm compression! At the Whitsun weekend of 2018, the Motocross Grand Prix Deutschland MX-GP took place at the MSC Teutschenthal. Hundreds of motocross racers from all over the world were in the basin on the route of the MSC […]

Regulation of body temperature by cooling the forearms with VERTICS.Sleeves

Regulation of body temperature by cooling the forearms with VERTICS.Sleeves Cooling your forearms while exercising with VERTICS.Sleeves. The summer is here!!! And to keep you from getting too hot when you do sports with VERTICS.Sleeves, just moisten the sleeves with water and you have a natural air conditioner on your forearm. Evaporation lowers the temperature […]

Important about sizes and colors of VERTICS.Sleeves

Your questions: At the countless VERTICS promo events and by mail the question keeps coming up: “Are the VERTICS.Sleeves actually color-coded in terms of compression strength, so, for example, do the red sleeves have more compression than the green ones?” No! There are any color combinations in 3 sizes, I (S), II (M) and III […]

VERTICS.Sleeves now in SUP sports

VERTICS.Sleeves now in SUP sports Originally, VERTICS.Sleeves were developed for climbing sports and are finding an ever-increasing number of users there. But obviously many sportsmen and sportswomen from various other sports are also convinced of the effectiveness of VERTICS.Sleeves. So also in paddle sports and especially in the area SUP – Stand Up Paddling. This […]

Compression at running – Why not use it in climbing too?

Compression at running – Why not use it in climbing too? (Link zum deutschen Artikel) If you look around at an urban running event or at a world class marathon competition nowadays you must see that most of the pro athletes and weekend warriors are wearing compression clothes. Because this is the case for some […]

VERTICS.Sleeves and occupational therapy

VERTICS.Sleeves and occupational therapy Christian Rupp The main thing of the therapy is the patient’s ability to act According to Christian Rupp, occupational therapist in Potbauer-Heng near Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz, Frankenjura, Germany. The team around Christian Rupp supports children and adults in coping better with their everyday needs. At the Marmot Frankenjura Kletterfestival 2017 an […]


The VERTICS.Shirt in baseball look is based on the contrast in black and white. This makes it a real eye catcher. As the basis for our VERTICS.Shirt, we have chosen the classic TB639 from URBAN CLASSICS. The quality of URBAN CLASSICS stands for long durability and no warping after washing. 90% cotton 10% viscose Place your order on Attention to cleaning instructions:Please wash your VERTICS.Shirt before […]

a strong team together

A strong team! From now on you will find a flyer and a small sample of KletterRetter Handcreme in each package. More endurance when climbing with VERTICS.Sleeves also means more skin abrasion on the hands and fingers. Kletterretter Climbing Hand Cream helps the skin to recover faster … and for the forearms you have VERTICS.Sleeves […]

What do physiotherapists, trainers and medical doctors say?

At the last year’s Marmot Kletterfestival in the Frankenjura I met the physiotherapist Matthias Stöcker. We have been talking about the way in which VERTICS.Sleeves worke and how to use them, and decided that he would receive a set of VERTICS.Sleeves for his physiotherapy studio for climbers in Scheßlitz-Windischletten in all sizes for hire to his […]