VERTICS at Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2016

VERTICS DWS Premiere at Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2016 I would start by saying VERTICS.Sleeves are more than suitable for DWS, the deep water soloing! What do you do at DWS without chalk in the overhanging crack? You could try to powder your lower arms with enough chalk to be able to re-chalk your Hands when […]

VERTICS on tour with digital hand Dynamometer

VERTICS on tour with digital hand Dynamometer! Immediately we have something special in our luggage for you.   With our handheld digital force gauge you can measure your hand strength at VERTICS events, sponsorship appearances and VERTICS.Roadshow. The scale is 0 – 135 kg! How strong is your handshake? Maximum, average of some tries and […]

VERTICS.Sleeves vs. forearm-pump arm pump

Order your VERTICS.Sleeves now! After preliminary analysis of our survey on the effectiveness of VERTICS.Sleeves we see already as confirmed that VERTICS.Sleeves can reduce the forearm-pump or arm pump effect. More than 70% of respondents answered the question of reduced arm pump when using our compression sleeves with “Yes”.   There are many causes for […]