Here you can find answers to your questions about VERTICS.Sleeves!

How does muscle compression actually work?
In principle, the muscle compression works so that MORE oxygen-rich blood comes to the muscle and ACCELERATED is again transported away. The pressure from the outside of the VERTICS.Sleeves on the lower arm causes a pressure drop in the inner, lower tissue. As a result, the arterial blood vessels are relieved and they can dilate slightly, resulting in more oxygen-rich blood to the muscle. Furthermore, the oxygen-poor, venous blood is transported out of the muscle more quickly through the blood vessels located further outwards. This is caused by the decreasing compression pressure of the VERTICS.Sleeves from the wrist towards the elbow, ie towards the heart.

Is there a medical study on the effect of VERTICS.Sleeves?
A medical study has not yet been carried out in the case of VERTICS.Sleeves, but there are numerous studies on muscle compression in running sports. However, these are aimed more at the regenerative effect of muscle compression. In the climbing sport, we have the special case that the forearm is heavily loaded during climbing, permanently and with maximum contraction. This is why the effect is particularly evident in climbing sports. A medical study is in preparation.

Are VERTICS.Sleeves only available in one length?
Yes, there is only one length in the respective sizes, size I is slightly shorter than II and III. You can fold the material evenly on the upper edge if the Sleeves are too long. The compression does not change in this area. If it does not bother you in the elbow, you can also pull the sleeves up to the upper arm.

Washing and care instructions
Wash the sleeves by hand or in the washing machine at 40 ° C before the first use and at after that depending on pollution. After washing, pull into shape. Do not tumble dry and not put them on the heating. So VERTICS.Sleeves keep longer and remain elastic for a long time.

How often and how long can I wear VERTICS.Sleeves?
You can wear your VERTICS.Sleeves just before climbing, during climbing and afterwards. Wear your VERTICS.Sleeves 2-3 hours after the climbing and the next day also 2-3 hours to support the regeneration! Do not wear the sleeves when you sleep.