VERTICS.Sleeves and VERTICS.Calfs – Musclecompression

Athletes and climbers have known for a long time that muscle compression on the calves and forearms ensures more endurance, less pumping and faster regeneration. For years, more and more runners with colorful compression stockings have been seen in recreational runners but also in national and international competitions. VERTICS.Sleeves and VERTICS.Calfsmuscle compressionMade in Germany
VERTICS has transferred the principle of action of muscle compression from extremities to forearms and calves and has thus convinced athletes from many different sports.

VERTICS.Sleeves Forearm Muscle Compression

VERTICS.Sleeves for the forearms are used in climbing and bouldering, MotoCross, bike sport, MTB, in the fitness area and in paddle sport as well as in SUP – Stand Up Paddling. They ensure better blood flow to the forearms and therefore more endurance over long distances or longer strains, less arm pump and faster regeneration. The sleeves also help with tennis elbows and many other forearm and elbow problems. They ensure faster recovery and contribute to faster healing. More information about VERTICS.Sleeves here and  effect on tennis elbows & more…

VERTICS.Sleeves Muskelkompression Unterarme

VERTICS.Calfs Calfs Muscle Compression

VERTICS.Calfs calf sleeves promote blood flow to the calf muscles during long runs, hiking, mountaineering and skiing. Muscle compression on the calves reduces calf pumping and cramps and accelerates regeneration. In case of problems with e.g. of the Achilles tendon can have a stabilizing effect on VERTICS.Calfs and provide quick relief from complaints and thus faster healing

VERTICS.Calfs Muskelkompression Waden

VERTICS.Sleeves in occupational therapy

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists are increasingly turning to VERTICS.Sleeves to enable their patients to heal and alleviate their symptoms more quickly. Particularly with tennis elbow and other forearm complaints, very good treatment results can be achieved with the prescription of VERTICS.Sleeves forearm muscle compression gauntlets. The patients benefit from a longer stress span in everyday life. More information on the use of VERTICS.Sleeves in the occupational therapy…

VERTICS.Sleeves und VERTICS.Calfs – Musclecompression

VERTICS.Sleeves and VERTICS.Calfs Made in Germany

VERTICS.Sleeves and VERTICS.Calves are produced in Germany and are subject to constant quality control. They were tested by the Hohenstein Institute material testing company for the pressure conditions and the course of the compression.

Kompressionsmessung HOSY VERTICS.Sleeves und VERTICS.Calfs

Material: 75% Polyamid und 25% Elasthan (Spandex), washable at 40 Degrees centigrade.

Price: VERTICS.Sleeves and VERTICS.Calfs: each pair € 39,50


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