VERTICS.Shoepatch emergency climbing shoe repair kit

VERTICS.Shoepatch for climbingshoes

What do you do if you have holes in your climbing shoe if you are on a climbing trip for several days and there is no climbing shop nearby?

VERTICS.Shoepatch climbing shoe repair kit

VERTICS.Shoepatch is THE repair kit for holes in climbing shoes. With it you can mend your holes in your climbing shoes anytime and anywhere.

climbing shoes with holes
Fotocredit: “la fabrique verticale”…Merci Olivier!

Now you can quickly and easily mend your climbing shoes yourself with the VERTICS.Shoepatch emergency repair kit.

VERTICS.Shoepatch for climbingshoes

VERTICS.Shoepatch for climbingshoes!

VERTICS.Shoepatch for climbingshoes

Similar to a repair kit for the bicycle tube, you can “glue” over the holes in the climbing shoe with patches made of soft binding rubber … or rather “vulcanize” it. The VERTICS.Shoepatch set consists of various black rubber repair patches made of soft binding rubber, sandpaper for roughening the shoe rubber, rubber pad for smoothing, vulcanizer (5g) and instructions for repairing holes and cracks in climbing shoes. With this set you can mend all holes and cracks in the soles, edges and all other rubber surfaces of climbing shoes. You can cut out suitable pieces from the larger rubber patches with scissors. We have tested it extensively and subjected it to constant endurance tests during many climbing sessions. All patched shoes can withstand many climbing sessions.

VERTICS.Shoepatch for climbingshoes

This patching method is not a substitute for the new soling of climbing shoes with new rubber soles, but only serves to postpone the required soling or as an emergency repair for defective climbing shoes during a climbing trip. And the cobbler can easily remove the patch again when he resoles your shoes. Here is the video for the VERTICS.Shoepatch:

The rubber patches are permanently and firmly connected to the shoe rubber with the help of a vulcanizer from the tube. Please pay attention to the operating instructions and follow them exactly! The cleaner and more precise the work, the longer the applied rubber patch will last. Tested on Online and in the 02/2019 issue. Read the online report about soling climbing shoes and mending holes in climbing shoes with VERTICS.Shoepatch. VERTICS.Shoepatch belongs in every climbing backpack!

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