VERTICS.Sleeves help you to hold tight longer and hang on longer. Their anatomically exact balance prevents the pump-effect, your muscles don’t harden as quick as they would without VERTICS.Sleeves. So you can train your muscular endurance without the annoying burning in the forearms. The high-strength material of VERTICS.Sleeves protects your arms from external injuries, stabilizes the sinews and ligaments and antagonizes seizures. You can also keep on wearing your VERTICS.Sleeves after sports to accelerate the regeneration of the forearm muscles.



VERTICS.Sleeves are a high class functional product with excellent characteristics:

  • Seamless round knitting technique for a high wearing comfort
  • Double knitted seam area for long resistance
  • Synthetic blended fabric for permanent elasticity and easy maintenance
  • high density knitting structure for high durability
  • Compression diminishing towards the heart for increase of the blood circulation
  • Two different compression fields through knitting structure “Ripp” and “Piqué”
  • Environment and allergy friendly materials in OEKO-TEX® Quality
  • Latex free
  • 75% Polyamid*, 25% Elasthane**
  • 100% made in Germany

VERTICS.Sleeves 100% Made in Germany


VERTICS.Sleeves are manufactured in Germany in a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified production process with the latest circular knitting machines and are subject to constant quality control. So that we can produce our compression sleeves consistently at a very high level. We use yarns with a fineness of 78/23/2 dtex (1 dtex equals 10000m). That is: 78 grams on 10000m, 23 filaments, twisted twice. This means that 1 VERTICS.Sleeve size M with 15 grams of weight contains 1923m (1,923 km) of yarn. This gives our Sleeves the excellent durability and stability you need when climbing on the rough rock or sloopers.


Every day the correct strain values of VERTICS.Sleeves are checked and measured with modern instruments. Only if all parameters in the knitting machines are running on high quality, the production starts.

VERTICS.Sleeves are available in 3 sizes. So we can provide the correct size for each forearm.

* Polyamide is tear resistant, wrinkle resistant and abrasion resistant, dries very fast and is very sturdy, is used in combination with other fibers. Recycling Code 07-O
** Elasthane (Spandex, Lycra) is elastic, resistant to aging, seawater and UV, returns exactly to its original shape after stretching.