VERTICS.Testbase in selected indoor climbing gyms

With the VERTICS.Testbases there is the possibility for climbers to test VERTICS.Sleeves locally in indoor climbing gyms. By the equipment rental, the sleeves can be initially borrowed by interested climbers and can be purchased in the local shop. Participating gyms are in Germany, Austria and Switzerland so far. More indoor climbing gyms are planned.

You identify a VERTICS.Testbase at VERTICS.Flag at the check-in desk.

For the test base operation, we manufactured VERTICS.Sleeves in special atest design for you. This makes handling easier for the staff at the material rental. After the test climbing the sleeves are cleaned and then they go back to the rental. The Testsleeves are available in one color design per size. Size I (S) in black/lime, size II (M) in black/petrol and size III (L) in black/red.

Testsleeves-black-lime-I Testsleeves-black-petrol-II Testsleeves-black-red-III

The Testsleeves are not for sale and they are intended only for use in the VERTICS.Testbase or for the VERTICS.Roadshow.

Here is the list of participating VERTICS.Testbase indoor climbing gyms including the reseller shops:

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We welcome inquiries from climbing gyms to attend the VERTICS.Testbase Action and becoming VERTICS reseller!